Brazilian Poem

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Help wanted... 
Here's a timely Brazilian poem by a Will Eisner fan about 
Will Eisner's New York
plus this English translation: 

Is there a city without walls to shelter your soul, 
or muffle your cries and choreograph the dance of your life? 
If walls exist to protect and exclude, 
do they not also contain and imprison? 
Would those walls then stand for love or hate? 
After all, walls are not made by nature... 

Can you translate into other languages?
Email your translations here!


Will Eisner Week 2017

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Calling all Schools, Universities, Libraries, Museums, Retailers, and Graphic Novel Readers Near One.

Support Sequential Art, Graphic Novel Literacy, 
and Free Speech.

Host a Will Eisner Week Event in March.

For Info: Click Here 

Will Eisner Week 2017 Poster

Two Original Art Exhibitions Coming for the Centennial
In France at Le Musee de la Bande Dessinee, Angouleme
And In New York City at the Society of Illustrators
Pre-Order Your Exhibition Catalogue Today
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Previews Order # NOV160063

From Dynamite: The Spirit Returns

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New Hardcover From Dynamite
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The Spirit Meets Dick Tracy

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